We’re back

We’re back– Reluctantly…

Why we are back and who we are

You may have noticed our absence…

After the last election, we decided to give council a chance to represent us.

Harmony, the huge development that will see 10,000 people moving to Springbank, and Watermark a high density development in Bearspaw, were both approved for Phase I development. We stayed dormant  because  the conceptual schemes had been approved by the previous Council and thus, under the Municipal Gov. Act, there was little the current Council could do about it.

However, this week Council approved the Bingham Crossing conceptual scheme in a 5-4 vote. The Bingham Crossing proposal required a rewrite of the North Springbank Area Structure Plan. All 5 councillors voting in favour were from distant divisions to the north and east of Calgary. For the record, two of these councillors (including Reeve Ashdown and Councillor McLean) received election campaign donations from the developers leading the charge for  Bingham Crossing.

All councillors representing the divisions to the west of Calgary, our Councillors, went with majority public opinion received by council at the meeting and voted against Bingham Crossing. For the record, none of our Councillors received a dime from developers.

Once again the opinions of west Rocky View County residents are being dissrespected and our Area Structure Plans are being ripped up. And what of Habberfield’s Reeve’s Task Force Report that said “stick to the Area Structure Plans”? It has been shown to be nothing more than a costly and time-consuming propaganda exercise on the run-up to the last election and is now easily ignored. Have thee no shame?

Its time we all return to the job of defending our community.

This from the Rocky View County website:

Rocky View County approves amendment to the North Springbank Area Structure Plan and Bingham Crossing Conceptual Scheme

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rocky View County, Alberta – At their regular meeting on September 11, 2012, Rocky View County Council approved the Bingham Crossing Conceptual Scheme (PDF) and an amendment to the North Springbank Area Structure Plan (PDF) to allow the future development of a village centre with office, retail, commercial services and senior’s housing. Bingham Crossing is located northeast of the interchange at Highway 1 and Range Road 33.


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